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The famous Fairytale Castle NEUSCHWANSTEiN is the 2nd most visited attraction in Germany. It captivates 1.5M visitors with its dreamy beauty, inspired by characters from Wagner's epic operas. Unfortunately this means that up to 8,000 visitors/day crowd the place all year long.

This tour gives you the unique opportunity to avoid these crowds and enjoy the calm magic also at HOHENSCHWANGAU in peace. Immerse yourself in the magnificence of the castles and grounds: Let the fairy tale come to life around you!

Our expert guide will give you space to enjoy numerous other sights as well while being at your disposal and alert to your needs & questions at all times.


• Know that your day is planned and conducted by a friendly & professional tour guide
• Look forward to an unique excursion package
• Don't worry about getting tickets: Even if the official online shop is already sold out, we will always - up to 24 hours - be able to get Skip-the-Line tickets for you!
• Enjoy the perfect symbiosis of traveling in relaxed comfort and fully leveraging your precious vacation time


Our Suggestion:

PICK-UP AT YOUR HOTEL/ADDRESS INCLUDED: According to your wishes we will pick you up between 6 and 11 AM ***** In summer season between 6:00 AM - 6:30 AM you SKIP-THE-CROWDS! (In Winter /16 Oct - 31 Mar/ at 7:00 AM) ***** If you don't mind more people, but want to sleep longer, choose any departure time until 11:00 AM!


Look forward to a journey exclusively for your group in our comfortable new VW- or Mercedes Minivan • But above all, look forward to your well trained guide with more than 20 years of professional experience • Let him give you any worth knowing information about all the sights, the country & King Ludwig II, and obtain valuable insider tips how to make the most of your time at the castles visits Prolong this trip for 2 more hours: Time enough to enjoy sights longer or to see something new, e.g. a 3rd castle or the Alpine Coaster.

Theresienwiese: Shortly before we drive onto the highway, we pass the place where King Ludwig I (Ludwig II's Grandfather), celebrated his wedding more than 200 years ago, which we know today as the Octoberfest!

Lake Starnberger: 20 min later we reach the impressive Lake Starnberg (Starnberger See), also known as the “Dukes lake”. You are taken to the summer residences of Sissi, the pretty but unfortunate Empress of Austria. We will tell you about the strange relationship between her and Ludwig II., and why he didn't want to marry Sissis younger sister... After a short stroll to the beach we can see the only island of the lake (which was in royal possession, too) and the place where he died under mysterious circumstances.

• NEUSCHWANSTEIN Castle: After one more hour journey through the stunning Bavarian countryside we approach the range of the Alps and can see the towers of Neuschwanstein the castle, majestically surrounded by mountains over 2,000 meters (6,500 feet) high. Soon we will reach the little village of Hohenschwangau which is the starting point for both castles Neuschwanstein and Hohenschwangau. Here, your guide hands you the tickets and a very detailed map for you. Whether you want to walk up to the castles, take the shuttle-bus or the horse-drawn carriage you can be accompanied by your guide. We are also happy to guide you through the spectacular Pöllat gorge as well as to the magnificent viewpoint Marie's bridge -> BOTH ARE TEMPORARILY CLOSED because of rock secure works! Nevertheless, do not miss a no less spectacular viewpoint with castle AND Mary's bridge (see below)!

The guided tours in each castle take approx. 35 min, in case of Neuschwanstein you'll walk for another 15 min through many more rooms by yourself. About the particularities of these rooms you will be well informed by your guide, as - well as of possibilities for lunch. Entrance fee (2022): € 17.50 per adult / € 2.50 per Child under 18 - Minimum time required: 2 hours, but only if you can walk the slightly ascending 1 mile paved path within 45 minutes *****OR***** - if you can't walk the total distance - 3 hours, because of possible waiting times at the non-reservable carriages or shuttle buses 

Please also take into account that In Neuschwanstein castle there are 346 stairs alltogether (up and down) to be managed. The elevator service for people with reduced mobility is DUE TO COVID-19 NOT OPERATING!!!

Queen Mary's Bridge (Marienbrücke) THE top viewpoint at Neuschwanstein Castle - and one of the most famous in the world! The steel Mary's bridge was built under Ludwig II in 1866 - three years before the start of construction of Neuschwanstein Castle ***** Minimum time required: 30 minutes

Pöllat Waterfall (OPTIONAL): A hike through the wildly romantic POELLAT GORGE with its numerous smaller and larger waterfalls, gravel banks, catwalks along steeply sloping rock cliffs and last but not least spectacular views of Mary's-bridge is a highly recommended alternative to reach Neuschwanstein Castle. ***** PLEASE NOTE: Due to rock securing work, the entire gorge is closed until further notice. However, you can best admire the waterfall itself from the Neuschwanstein Castle Courtyard ***** AS A MORE THAN EQUAL ALTERNATIVE, you can - together with your guide - take a unique walk along a rushing mountain creek through woods and meadows with happy cows. Experience during these 25 or 45 minutes unique views of Neuschwanstein Castle and look forward to refreshing drinks (and typical bavarian food) in a real alpine hut (open May-Oct) - all this with the most magnificent castle view! ***** If you like, you can earn the famous view of the '2 Royal Castles with Lake Alpsee and Swan lake and the rugged Allgäu mountains in the background' after a 45-min (one-way) mountain hike.

HOHENSCHWANGAU Castle: Just as worth seeing is Hohenschwangau castle, the neo-gothic summer residence of Ludwig II's father, King Maximilian II. with Ludwig's spectacular children's room. If you want to do the 45 min guided tour, you should book a Skip-the-line-ticket in advance, too. Entrance fee (2022): € 21.00 per person aged 7 and more, plus 2.50 € per person Skip-the-line surcharge. Minimum time required: 1 hour.

PLEASE NOTE: If you want to visit all 3 castles (Neuschwanstein, Hohenschwangau AND Linderhof), this is only possible in conjunction with the booking of 2 extra hours!

(OPTIONAL): Keen of further activities? On request you can take a private bike ride through the picturesque Bavarian countryside. During an approx. one-hour roundtrip, you will see not less than 3 lakes (perhaps bring your swimsuites). Rental bikes from 20.00 €. Or enjoy some rides on a nearby summer toboggan run (€ 5.00) per ride) or take a cable car/chair lift on one of the Alpine peaks (from 18.00 € up and down).

Lake Plansee: For a while we pass Austrian territory on our approx. 55 minutes way to Linderhof palace on a breathtaking drive along the mountain lake Plansee. Depending on the traffic situation or - in winter - if there is a risk of avalanches, we drive a similarly scenic route on the Bavarian side. Don't forget your passports!

LINDERHOF Palace: If you have booked 2 extra hours OR AS AN ALTERNATIVE TO HOHENSCHWANGAU CASTLE we would recommend the visit of Linderhof Palace, King Ludwig's smallest but most intimate castle located in a lonely Alpine valley with breathtaking french baroque design and famous Bavarian trick paintings. Entrance fee (2022): € 10.00 per adult / Children under 18 are free of charge! Minimum time required: 1 hour 15 minutes

PLEASE NOTE: The 'Venus Grotto', located in the gardens of Linderhof, IS CLOSED due to restoration works until 2024!

Oberammergau: Shortly after visiting Linderhof we reach the world-famous Passion Play Village OBERAMMERGAU, where you should accompany your guide on a 20-minute guided tour. Marvel at the partly over 200-year-old wall paintings as well as the Passion Play Theatre. Take advantage of your subsequent free time to stroll in the historic center, where you will find a huge range of the famous wood carvings, including numerous cribs and other enchanting Christmas items. Minimum time required: 35 minutes

Alpine Coaster (OPTIONAL): A nearby chairlift takes you through the magnificent alpine world to a cosy mountain restaurant and to the start of the adventurous ALPINE COASTER at 1,270 m (4.170 ft) altitude: With the 1st world's longest weatherproof toboggan run with magnetic brakes, you can reach the valley at a length of 2,600 meters (1,6 miles) with breathtaking views and adventurous curves. ***** Open daily with suitable weather between Easter and beginning of November ... Prices (2022): Adults: € 14.50/Children 6-15 years: € 11.00 *****  Minimum time required: 45 minutes

PLEASE NOTE: The tour length "9 hours" allows you to visit the coaster plus ONE castle. If you book 2 extra hours, you could visit the coaster plus TWO castles.

Ettal Abbey: If you want to see (and understand) another baroque masterpiece concerning church decorations, inserted in a 12-page domed room from the 14th century, you should follow your guide in the Ettal Benedictine monastery near a little passo, just 5 minutes’ drive away from Oberammergau. From there it will take another hour back to Munich. Minimum time required: 20 minutes

Visit of a baroque church: Another unforgetable stop will be at one of the overwhelming baroque churches. Your guide will provide you with all the worth knowing information, for example about the Pilgrimage Church of Wies, or – what we not recommend less – one of the other churches on the way, which are still "secret tips", quiet and peaceful far away from the tourist masses.

Highline 179 (OPTIONAL): Combine Neuschwanstein castle with a most spectacular feat of engineering: The 114m (374 ft) high & over 400m (1,300 ft) long "Highline 179" is one of the longest pedestrian suspension bridges in the world! It stands in exciting contrast to King Ludwig II's fairytale castle in medieval design. Just a few minutes' drive away from Neuschwanstein we reach: THE BRIDGE - Crossing this imposing steel construction secured with 8 rock anchors is not for the faint of heart – ADRENALINE KICK HERE WE COME! Due to the high safety railings with netting it is completely safe, even for children! And it is open all year round. If you suffer from fear of heights, you can admire this masterpiece from numerous vantage points - such as the 700-year old castle ruin EHRENBERG - without ever setting foot on it! Entrance fee (2022): € 8.00 adults/€ 5.00 children (4 - 14 years). A lift (€ 7.00/adult-roundtrip) replaces the 20-minute ascent on foot. Minimum time required: 1 hour 30 minutes

PLEASE NOTE: The tour length "9 hours" allows you to visit the Highline 179 bridge plus ONE castle. If you book 2 extra hours, you could visit the bridge plus TWO castles.