Immerse yourself in a true fairytale world from bygone times on this exclusive journey along the 'Romantic Road'.

Enchanting medieval villages & towns and a 12th-century castle nestled into a stunning landscape are at the heart of this tour. The Franconian hospitality complements this beautiful scenery with its delicious cuisine and great variety of excellent wines & beers.

Experience 4(!) former Imperial Cities, crowned by the tour of Rothenburg ob der Tauber, which are a memorable encounter with bygone centuries. Impressive town halls, massive forts, majestic churches and patrician houses all speak of their eventful past.

Enjoy an fully customizable full-day tour in our comfortable new VW- or Mercedes Minivan which is led by your expert tour guide.
He will give you space to enjoy numerous other sights as well while being at your disposal and alert to your needs & questions at all times.

If you have booked the 12-hour tour length, there is also the possibility to visit Nuremberg (Trials and/or Old Town (Walking Tour) and/or Nazi Party Rally Grounds).


Our Suggestion:

This offer is a private tour tailored to your wishes. This means: You can always - in consultation with us - co-determine which of the sights listed below you would like to visit, and how long you want to stay there (within the booked tour length. - Spontaneous extensions on site are possible on request)

Donauwörth: The so-called “Reichsstrasse”, the main road of Donauwoerth offers an impressive ‘taster' of the sights to come on this historically rich and picturesque tour.

Harburg: At this stage you will definitely feel the romantic vibe of the tour: This charming little town along the river Woernitz offers splendid photo opportunities, as does the castle high above. ON REQUEST: Enjoy an EXCLUSIVE PRIVATE 45-minute English guided tour (€ 100.00 = price for your entire group 3 - 8 people, € 75.00 for 1 or 2 people). All prices valid 2022.

Nördlingen: Located in the midst of a meteorite crater, the former imperial city of Noerdlingen boasts a fully walkable circular city wall. The 90-meter high church tower "Daniel" was formerly used as a watchtower. We stop right in the historic city center, so you have the opportunity to take great photos of this medieval town and/or enjoy a coffee overlooking the market square and the church. Recommended length of stay: approx. 25 min.

Pestsäule (Pass By) The Plague-Pillar ("Pestsäule") of is an unexpected little jewel along the way, this brilliant Baroque masterpiece after Viennese model is located in a nice village between Nördlingen and Dinkelsbühl.

• Dinkelsbühl could be called the "little sister" of Rothenburg - just as romantic but not so crowded. On a 30-minute walking tour, your guide will show you medieval gems such as the Gothic St. George's Church, the imposing armoury, impressive half-timbered houses where emperors have already stayed, and a mysterious "modern" dinosaur. Afterwards you are welcome to explore the city on your own. If you already feel hungry, you could enjoy lunch here in one of the cozy and inexpensive Franconian restaurants. Recommended length of stay: 45 min - 1 hour 30 min.

Rothenburg ob der Tauber: This world-famous medieval city will exceed all your expectations! We drive through an impressive historic town gate, pass the southern part of the old town and park the car centrally located.

Go together with your guide on an approx. 30-minute walking tour, leading you to all the overwhelming sights, including: • the town hall (15th-17th century) • the 'Meistertrunk-clock' • the Saint James church (optional, small entrance fee) with its noteworthy wood-carved altar (early 16th century) containing the famous holy blood relic and Riemenschneider’s masterpiece of woodcarving • two stunning viewpoints at the former "Red castle's" location • the splendid boulevard Herrengasse with the stunning Käthe Wohlfahrt Christmas village and museum and much more! Afterwards, you'll have plenty of time to discover the city for yourself. Your guide will give you a map of the city and recommend other sights, restaurants and shopping. Recommended length of stay: minimum 2.5 hours

• Nuremberg (OPTIONAL): If you have booked the 12-hours tour length, you can enjoy the beautiful Old town of Nuremberg (walking tour) and/or the former Nazi party rally grounds and/or the Trials.