EXCLUSiVE Lake Königssee, EAGLE'S NEST & 'Fuehrer Headquarters' Tour


THE EAGLE'S NEST IS - depending on the snow conditions - CLOSED EVERY WINTER BETWEEN OCTOBER AND THE BEGINNING OF MAY (during this time we offer you the ride on the Rossfeld-Panoramastrasse at no extra charge!)

Spectacular views, an idyllic, crystal clear mountain lake, and German history from the Middle Ages to the infamous Nazi rule during the 3rd Reich: all this and much more awaits you on this private full-day PANORAMA-Tour with your personal and professional guide. Starting with a drive that offers many scenic highlights, you will then be enchanted by the historic town of Berchtesgaden - finally the cruise across Lake Königssee to the renowned peninsula of St. Bartholomä will simply take your breath away!

Enjoy also the view from the spectacular Eagle's Nest view point (Shuttle busses from May - Oct), then gain a deeper understanding of the tragic history of the Obersalzberg area.

Almost 1,000 m/ 3,200 ft above sea level, this plateau was confiscated by Hitler and his entourage as the 2nd seat of government. Some buildings from this period as well as the extensive bunker network are still partially preserved and open to the public – explore these and much more hidden vestiges from the '3rd Reich' together with your guide, supported by historical photographs.

On the optional drive on a nearby Panorama Road we could reach in our comfortable and new VW- or Mercedes Minivan another 'high-'light of our excursion, which is at the same time a 'Sound-of-Music' Film location. With these unforgettable impressions we return back to Munich.


Our Suggestion:

This offer is a private tour tailored to your wishes. This means: You can always - in consultation with us - co-determine which of the sights listed below you would like to visit, and how long you want to stay there (within the booked tour length. - Spontaneous extensions on site are possible on request)
  • Maria Ramersdorf: Near the old pilgrimage church of St. Maria Ramersdorf from the 14th century we show you a model settlement from the 1930s. Shortly afterwards we leave Munich and take the A8 heading Southeast ...
  • Irschenberg: Soon we reach the 'Mount Irschenberg', the most beautiful view point that you can have from a German motorway. This Motorway route was built in the mid-1930s as a "panoramic motorway". These today unusual routings were part of the National Socialist propaganda: the beauty of the landscape was abused by deliberately staging "German Homeland".
  • Lake Chiemsee: A short time later, after another magnificent view, we reach the largest lake in Bavaria, Lake Chiemsee. During a short walk to the beach you can also see Germany's first motorway rest area from 1937/38, whose extensive building facilities after WWII were used by the US Army as one of three recreation centres ("AFRC Lake Hotel") until 2003. An abandoned boat dock is still reminiscent of this time. Soon we leave the motorway and drive along the "German Alpine Road". It is probably the most beautiful mountain road in the northern Alpine region.
  • Lake Königssee: No road - not even a hiking trail - leads around the 8 km long Lake Königssee, which is surrounded by high rock walls. Also the popular excursion destination on the west bank, the peninsula with the famous pilgrimage chapel St. Bartholomä and the former hunting lodge with "The world's most idyllic" beer garden, can only be reached by one of the historic Electric boats gliding noiselessly along. Experience the famous Echo of Lake Königssee on the impressive 35-minute cruise and marvel at the dreaded Mount Watzmann East Wall and a 'sleeping witch'! The popular pedestrian zone in the village of Königssee and on the waterfront offers inexpensive shopping facilities. Prices Königssee Cruise (2022): Adults: € 20.00 Children (6 - 17 years): € 10.00 - Minimum time requirement: 2.5 hours 
  • Obersalzberg: The darkest chapter of Berchtesgaden's history took place on the Obersalzberg, the so-called "Hitler's Alpine Fortress". This plateau below the 'Eagle's Nest' at a hight of 1,000 m (3,200 ft) was mostly forcibly confiscated by Hitler and his entourage, and declared as "Führersperrgebiet" ('Leader's restricted area') from 1933. On April 25, 1945, about 1,300 bombs destroyed almost the entire area, only the "Eagle's Nest" ('Kehlsteinhaus'), among other buildings, was spared. In 1952, the ruins of most of the bombed-out buildings were demolished or blown up, some of them rebuilt, such as the Hotel Türken. Your guide, supported by historical pictures, will gladly show you everything that is left (locations of Hermann Göring's and Martin Bormann's houses as well as of Hitler's 'Berghof' and the General Walker Hotel, the coal bunker, Albert Speer's house and atelier, and much more..!) A visit to the 'Documentation Obersalzberg' (temporarily closed!) can round off and deepen these impressions. The entrance fee of € 3.00 per adult also includes also a visit to parts of the bunkers. Due to the Corona situation, the extensive bunkers, which can be reached from the 'Türken' Hotel, are not accessible until further notice.
  • The EAGLE'S NEST ("Kehlsteinhaus") is OPEN between May and October (depending on the snow) and can be reached with special buses. Enthroned in a spectacular location at 6,017 ft above sea level, the former representation building of the Nazis survived the British air raid on 25 April 1945 unscathed. At the behest of Martin Bormann, it was built - including the 6.5 km long access road - in just 13 months under the most difficult conditions for the workers. From the bus terminus you can reach the original elevator through a 124-meter-long tunnel, which takes you after another 124 meters (406 ft) to the 'Kehlsteinhaus', as it is called in the German language and which is now operated as a restaurant. A little exhibition reminds us of the inhumane Nazi dictatorship of the 3rd Reich. Prices Eagle's Nest (2021 - bus ride incl. lift): Adults € 28.00 Children from 6 up to 14 years: € 14.50 - Minimum time requirement: 2 hours
  • Berchtesgaden: First mentioned in a document at the beginning of the 12th century, the former monastery foundation 'Berthercatmen' experienced an economic upswing thanks to the free mining on salt and metal. Today, the market town embedded in the overwhelming Berchtesgaden Alpine world is rightly one of the most popular holiday regions in Germany due to its abundance of sights! Enjoy a stroll through the historic traffic-restricted center and let your guide show you the numerous sights and also shopping opportunities. The local brewery "Hofbrauhaus Berchtesgaden" is an ideal place to take a break. You will also see the surprisingly huge central station (opened on 1 February 1940) and the tunnel portal of the planned new railway line to Salzburg. Also from this unspeakable period come the "Little Reich Chancellery (Kleine Reichskanzlei)", as well as the residences of Wilhelm Keitel and Alfred Jodl.
  • Rossfeld Panoramastrasse (OPTIONAL): The construction of this special panoramic road began in 1938 and was completed in 1955. At an altitude of 1,600 m (5,250 ft), you can cross the Austrian border on foot. Cosy mountain inns await you with regional and international specialties, including spectacular views! The final scene of the world-famous SOUND OF MUSIC movie was shot here in 1964. The toll (not included in the tour price - except, when the Eagle's Nest is closed) is € 8.50 (2022) for the vehicle including all passengers - Minimum time requirement: 1 hour
  • The Obersalzberg Documentation Center IS CLOSED FOR RESTRUCTURING - REOPENING IS STILL PLANNED FOR 2022! The Obersalzberg documentation, where also parts of the extensive bunkers can be visited (€ 3.00 per adult) is open every day in summer season 9 a.m. to 5 p.m. (From November to March open Tuesday to Sunday 10 a.m. to 3 p.m., not on public holidays) Minimum time requirement: 1 hour 
  • Berchtesgaden Salt Mines (OPTIONAL): Enjoy - dressed in miner's costume - a journey into the underground. On spectacular slides you can get to deeper levels, on a raft you glide over a mysterious salt lake. ... Prices (2022): Adult: € 21.00 / Children (4-16 years): € 10.90 ... To avoid waiting times, we strongly recommend the (binding) online reservation - we are happy to give you the booking link. - Minimum time requirement: 2.5 hours