Make the most of your day: experience the cultural riches of the city of MUNICH as well as the breathtaking LAKE DISTRICT.

Immerse yourself in history: visit historical sites in Munich and/or the DACHAU CONCENTRATION CAMP.

Let Stefan, your guide, take care of all the details to make the tour smooth and easy for you.

This MY*GUiDE Tour offers you all the mentioned PLUS:
+ Perfect balance of culture, history & nature – no need to choose, you can have it all in one day!
+ Possibility to customize details & length of the tour (7 or 10 hrs)
+ Professional all-round-care, always at your fingertips but never intrusive
+ Option to go off the beaten track, get insider tips on local highlights



> Know that your day tour is planned & conducted by a friendly and experienced expert tour guide.
> Enjoy the perfect symbiosis of travelling in relaxed comfort and fully leveraging your precious vacation time.


Enjoy this tailor-made Munich & Surroundings Tour!